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Lessons and Coaching Fee: 

Please email us or use the form below to inquire about current rates. 

The studio accepts VENMO

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and Cash payments.

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Cancellation Policy:

(Please Read as this is super important!)

As is the case with most busy music studios, sessions must be cancelled AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. Without 24 hours notice of cancellation, the SESSION MUST BE PAID FOR. There are few exceptions to this policy, including illness. If you feel as though you might have a URI (upper respiratory infection) or other illness the day prior to your session, cancel the session. Don't wait to see how you're feeling the following day, as you probably won't be feeling much better. If you think you might get called into work on the day when you have a session scheduled, cancel the session.

Why do music studios including ours have this policy?

1) Because generally there is a list of other clients waiting for cancellations. If 24 hours notice is given that you will be unable to attend your scheduled session, then those waiting can be contacted, and your session time can be passed on to them. However, without 24+ hours notice, it is nearly impossible to fill your slot.

2) Because music teachers' livelihoods depend upon those who book lessons taking them.

3) Because it is a better alternative to having to hold a lesson fee deposit "on account" to pay for a missed lesson if there is one.

Thank you in advance for understanding this policy.

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